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Discussion on Addressing Primes and non-Primes, So PvE stuff available only through PvP, and Grineer Ramparts vs Player


Tenno Clock discusses topics found on the Warframe Community Forum. We find topics of best interest and try to shed some light on the communities reaction to these topics. Some of these topics include (but not limited to) the re-work of Stalker, the open letter to DE, Damage 2.0, The quick revert back from the changed Stamina system and many more. Additionally we also like to shed light on work done by the community; like Yuikami's Warframe comics or DOXOlove's Excalibur Statue. Lastly, if you feel that you would like us to touch base on some topics please don't hesitate to link the topic in a reply.

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With the support of DE, amazing that they are, we now have the ability to do Platinum Giveaways! The rules are simple:

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Ep #40 theharddrinkingapplejack (PC).
Ep #42 DarkNuva (PC) & (PS4)SuRReAL--OnE (PS4 North America).
Ep #46 Hyrophant (PC) & (PS4)littleblondewolf (PS4 Europe).
Ep #48 OmegaMK1 (PC) & (PS4)littleblondewolf (PS4 Europe).
Ep #50 Enip (PC) & (PS4)littleblondewolf (PS4 Europe).
Ep #52 Def4ke (PC) & (PS4)SuRReAL--OnE (PS4 North America).
Ep #55 bright_th (PC) & (PS4)SuRReAL--OnE (PS4 North America).
Ep #58 mishO (PC) & (PS4)littleblondewolf (PS4 Europe).
Ep #60 GhostYogurt (PC) & (PS4)littleblondewolf (PS4 Europe).
Ep #62 PartyCow (PC) & (ps4)qwakey101 (PS4 North America)
Ep #64 rambo_20 (PC) & (PS4)DalexVanHar54 (PS4 North America).
Ep #66 dabaws (PC) & (PS4)DalexVanHar54 (PS4 North America).
Ep #68 CF_HoneyBadger (PC) & (PS4)FrostBurns007 (PS4 Europe).
Ep #71 Lelouchia (PC) & (PS4)Darrkness_009 (PS4 North America).
Ep #73 Dhaelos (PC) & (PS4)DalexVanHar54 (PS4 North America).
Ep #75 Euphraim (PC) & (PS4)Matoro1992 (PS4 North America).
Ep #77 GhostFrax (PC) & (PS4)Dee-Toeside17 (PS4 North America).
Ep #79 Crashles (PC) & (PS4)Exodus_v4 (PS4 North America) & mnjd (XB1).
Ep #81 KqtqnA (PC) & (PS4)DalexVanHar54 (PS4 North America).
Ep #83 Tetreanna (PC) & (PS4)DalexVanHar54 (PS4 North America) & SolemnShadow777 (XB1).
Ep #83 BelsazarTheGreat (PC) & (PS4)JayKay2504 (PS4 Europe & Oceana) & SolemnShadow777 (XB1).


Each episode Loz and I have a different set of Chibis with the Tenno Clock logo, these chibis come to us from the community and we love each and every one. Each set of Chibis will always make an appearance on an episode of Tenno Clock and we always love the appreciation that comes from the community for the random waffling we do.

Additionally, if you too wish to support Tenno Clock and want to contribute your own Chibis, the reference art can be found here

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Clan Emblems:

Long story short we actually really like some of the Clan Emblems out there when we decide to play with randoms, we know very little about them but it would be cool for the community to help us figure out who's who:

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Episode #116
Episode #115
Episode #114
Episode #113
Episode #112
Episode #111
Episode #110
Episode #109
Episode #108
Episode #107
Episode #106
Episode #105 - Vauban: isn't it time he gets moved? Arcane distillers should allow transferring grandfathered arcane helmet buffs to other helmets for the same frame, and Day/Night is an interesting but under used mechanic and it could use some expansion.
Episode #104 - Forget duration/efficiency: the real problem is energy economy, Nightwatch Units, and Isn't the Mantis a step too far into the RNG direction.
Special Guest: Silverbones
Episode #103 - Snipers: we need to talk, MR disengages players around 15 from levelling up, and Allow slide to knock down enemies.
Episode #102 - There should be automatic contribution system per clanmate in a clan, Atlas use in high level play, and Proxy rebellion, amazing.
Episode #101 - Showing how much forma people have on weapons and frames? Shouldn't everyone get the stuff? Feel of the Opticor is lackluster for its aesthetic.
Episode #100 -
Special Guests: [DE]Rebecca and [DE]Scott

Episode #99 - We need a fourth starter frame, Parasitic eximus worst thing in the room, Fixing melee eliminates boring repitition, here's how.
Episode #98 - Survival Changes, Losing Coptering good/bad? Modular infested enemies next please, bosses need unique drops beside Warframes.
Episode #97 - Archwing needs auto targeting, Why cost to consign Kubrows, and Hydroid worst Ulti in the game.
Episode #96 - The Social aspect of Warframe is seriously neglected, Should we make Iron Skin customizable? Where is the Difficulty in this game with
Special Guest: Tobiah

Episode #95
Episode #94 - The crime that is Exilus, Incredibly disappointed with the implementation of the new quest, Twin Grakatas are secondaries.
Episode #93 - Changyou Warframe images FAQ, New Endless mission, Orokin Catacombs, The Riplining Ancients really need to stop.
Episode #92 - Stop Rabbitframe, Who can we call a veteran? Prime Frame Power Creep, Why Loki is a master race? with
Special Guest: Coverop

Episode #91
Episode #90 - It's Nerf Time: Greedy Pull, The New Kubrow, and Warframe themed unlockable weapons.
Episode #89 - Does anyone feel like the buff to Excalibur has overshadowed the other starter Warframes? Valkyr in light of Excal 2.0, and Bleed out's lack of full range motion (ridiculous for Tenno super ninjas.
Episode #88 - Warframe story mode suggested game feature, Old issues fixed = new content, and Do we need all 4 abilities? with
Special Guest: Issun135

Episode #87 - Who uses non-Prime versions of weapons for cosmetic reasons, Are we simply tools of War, Why I leave and why I return.
Episode #86 - Why are Catbrows being made when next to no one uses the Kubrows, About the upcoming Valkyr custom skin that makes me wonder, Should Ambulas evolve into a Bursa?
Episode #85 - Please don't remove Stamina, We've got the Prisma Skana now please buff the Skana prime, Can we have swimming as well as Sharkwing? and Rebecca's spread sheet (how mods should be).
Episode #84 - Discussion on Could we have thermal and night vision instead of derpy flashlight, Do not let Alad V take the betrayal path again, and How come there are only two animals in the game? with
Special Guest: Operative_Shift

Episode #83 - Is Tubemen of Regor Fair? De Please... Stop manipulating the event outcome, Den of Kubrow Bonus Week, and Tyl Regor's Voice.
Episode #82 - Seeing ally enegery levels, Changes to the Intruder mod, Manics grapple, and if the void trader can find Primed mods, why can't we?
Episode #81 - Can we have a sandstorm on Phobos please, Has the Tonkor rendered the Ogris and Penta obsolete, and Bursas - Power denial done right.
Episode #80 - Shouldn't the Corpus have more robots than humans?, Let's get the option to lock down doors, and Player toxicity with
Special Guest: RedSkittlez

Episode #79 - Shotguns: Remove damage falloff over distance, Discrete Prime Part removal, and Should Hive Mind AI Exist in This Game
Episode #78 - Destructible Grineer Armour, Need for a New Planet, and Weapon Set Bonuses.
Episode #77 - Shotguns: Remove damage falloff over distance, Discrete Prime Part removal, and Should Hive Mind AI Exist in This Game?
Episode #76 - Rhino is becoming increasingly obsolete as a tank, Stop the shield bypass: viability vs bleeding, and Feelings on Simarus, Scanners and the Sanctuary with
Special Guest: Fait

Episode #75 - Frost: the neglected frame, Alliances and their dishonest behaviour, and Frost Prime: the end of an era
Episode #74 - Remove Speed Holster Aura, Void is being decentralised let's talk about the star chart, and DE should no longer discuss Warframe design until they are completed.
Episode #73 - Removing the void, Chroma megathread, and Sentients trailer opinions.
Episode #72 - What has this tactical alert taught everyone?, We need truly brutal and massive bosses, Why can't we have actual new skins?, and So are we supposed to be warrior deities or not?
Episode #71 - Problems of difficulty: HP vs Damage, Cooldown system vs Energy system, and Syndicate Allies: a boon or a bane?
Episode #70 - Akjagara, why I need to build so many weapons to have one, Can we get rid of grenades for now, Feedback on crossfire and make Vandel/Wraith available on void trader with
Special Guest: HoldXtoRevive

Episode #69 - Archwing - Please put us in space already, Spy 2.0 Feedback and a tiny problem with Moas, Please remove Friendship Doors
Episode #68 - New method for working out melee blocking stamina consumption, Nekros changes in 15.12.0 & Parkour needs some well deserved attention.
Episode #67 - The Void Trader and the unsustainable grind, Overtake Tactical Alert & Ember Changes [Post 15.11.0 Megathread].
Episode #66 - Community Hot Topics, new weapon mechanics & Syndicate Void Keys change
Episode #65 - Death Penalty too Extreme, So I found a MR 2 player with Soma Prime and Sword Alone with
Special Guest: (PS4)IIIDevoidIII

Episode #64 - should Warframe still be in Beta? & Operation: Eyes of Blight.
Episode #63 - our opinions about some of the highs and lows of Warframe during 2014.
Episode #62 - The D Polairty: Changes must be made, Should Warframes have passive abilities? 15.7 Void Feedback, DE gets a lot of hate & Make Nullifiers Drop Oxium.
Episode #61 - Nullifier Crewmen, Auction House, Nova Prime Complaints
Special Guest: Darkfreack.

Episode #60 - Too much elitist waffle about Mastery Rank, Kubrows, Before we get too deeply into conclave rating based tac alerts & more.
Episode #59 - Hubs, First Person Mode, Don't nerf the new infested and Voting on a new Warframe's Theme/Appearance.
Episode #58
Episode #57 Milking Viver, Parkour: where's it at? and Augments to fix the frames we hate with
Special Guest: Merastius.

Episode #56 - Hardcore Mode for Warframes, Vengance on Syndicates and Stealth Finishers.
Episode #55 - Syndicates, Archwing & Grineer are over buffed
Episode #54 - Limbo's appearance, the Plat cost for Frame Stances & rushing Archwing and Excalibur changes (Loz MegaRant).
Episode #53 - Perfect Online, Multi Dynamic Games & DE's partnership, Community Financially Backing key aspects of Warframe Development & Rare Resource Drop Rates Nerf.
Episode #52 - small topics
Special Guest: mogamu.

Episode #51 - Sigils, Battle Born vs Warframe & the Dark Sector Mafia
Episode #50 - Prime Accessory Packs (again), T4 Keys are a joke and Improvement to the Supra
Episode #49 - Should mods go to Rank 10, Stuff yet not fixed & Useless parts of Warframe
Episode #48 - Prime Accessory Packs, Apollodronus & UI
Episode #47 - Hubs & Segregated crafting, Certain powers have little to no use & About Letter13
Special Guest: Letter13

Episode #46 - Tactical Alerts, Cryotic Front & Kubrows 14.5
Episode #45 - Excalibur & Oberon frame balances, Kubrows & Weapon balances
Episode #44 - Tenno Live at Gamescom 2014
Episode #43 - Playstyle Diversity not wanted, the Rainbow Bridge dilemma, Tenno research weapons suck & Loz's conspiracy theories
Special Guest: SherlockShuffle

Episode #42 - Should Corpus still get plot, New players too spoon fed, Kubrows released into the wild & more
Episode #41 - Kubrow imprint scam, We aren't made of credits, Silva & Aegis, Nothing to do in Update 14
Episode #40 - Update 14
Episode #39 - Better Mods, Steve vs theGreatZamboni & Better Communication
Special Guest: notionphil

Episode #38 - The possible PWE buyout & Dev Stream 32
Episode #37 - Monitization of Warframe, Mutalist Ospreys & more
Episode #36 - Operation Breeding Grounds & Dev Stream 31
Episode #35 - Tower 4 Keys, Community Feedback, Void Vor & more
Episode #34 - New Enemies/AI, Derf Anyo, the Weekend Event & Lots of small topics with
Special Guest: Sixty5

Episode #33 - Finisher Moves, Has DE actually designed End Game & Lots of small topics
Episode #32 - A.I. 2.0, Tenno Ships & Lack of Endgame
Episode #31 - Rolls for each Gun, More Lore, Frame Ability Changes & Should Weapons Progress? with Special
Guest: KrashOmnis

Episode #30 - Community Emeny Submissions, Lore, Dragon Nikana, Specters & How we feel about Warframe
Episode #29 - PS4 Exclusion, Spectres & Rescue 2.0
Episode #28 - Dark Sectors, an Auction House & Trinity's Blessing
Episode #27 - Stuggonojitsu, Orokin Labyrinthines & Melee 2.0
Episode #26 - The Alliance System, Vey Hek & Melee 2.0
Episode #25 - Delay to Updated 13, Dev Stream 26, Smite vs Warframe the conspiracy & Hydroid
Episode #24 - Grineer Systems website and Update 13, MMOBomb's Ultimate F2P Showdown & Fan-fic competition results
Episode #23 - Clans React to Tethra's Doom, Alt Helmet Stats Removal & Faulty Frame Squad
Episode #22 - Melee 2.0 Fears, Rhino vs Rhino Prime & Life as a Moderator with Special
Guest: SilverBones

Episode #21 - Prime Accessory Pack, Grineer Doors and Electrical Faults & Tethra's Doom
Episode #20 - Balance, Dynamic Stalker/Havester/Grustrag 3 & General Mod Abilities
Episode #19 - Prime parts trading, Legendary Cores & is Warframe still in Beta?
Episode #18 - U12 Clan Tech, People in the feedback forum & Interception
Episode #17 - End Game Announcements
Episode #16 - Achievement Rewards, Grineer Take Over, PS4 Players saying Warframe is Pay to Play
Episode #15 - Stealth, Most Useless Warframe, PS4 players getting past exclusive items with
Special Guest: yuikami

Episode #14 - Community Melee Voting, Parkor, U11.7
Episode #13 - An Open Letter to DE #1 & #2, Live Stream #20
Episode #12 - RNG/Havester/Detron, Cicero Crisis Event, Codex
Episode #11 - Cicero Crisis Event
Episode #10 - Submissions for the Community Melee Vote
Episode #9 - PS4 Review for Warframe, Titan Extractors, People unhappy with Events
Episode #8 - Trading Platinum, Quick Thinking & Rage Nerf, Ember Prime Grind
Episode #7 - Damage 2.0, Revamped Stalker, Trading System
Special Guest: CipherInvictus

Episode #6 - People React to For Profit Trailer, Key Trading/Networking Code, Alert System + Mobile Apps
Episode #5 - Newbies coming into Warframe, RNG, Playstation 4 Release
Episode #4 - Entitlement, Gradvius Dilemma Rigged, Power Creep
Episode #3 - Join Only, UI Improvements, Gradvius Dilemma
Episode #2 - Next Event, Upcoming Codex, Developers Workshop
Episode #1
- Dedicated Hosting, Orokin Derelict Vaults, Dojo Rooms