- 06/01/2015

MySite: 2009-present

Though MySite is by far one of my most underrated projects, I do feel it's the one I've come the furthest with. My aim was to develop a single web development package that is easy to use as well as easy to design the visual aesthetic of a site without have large similarities between any site using the software. In the past I've used packages such as DotNetNuke or WordPress and as Content Management Systems (CMS) they are alright but being able to customise the aesthetic was beyond a nightmare and additionally if you wanted to move a website from Host A to Host B separating Website 3 from Website 2 & 4 it was beyond a nightmare, in fact it was more often easier to copy and paste most of the content. The aim of MySite was to be a cheap lightweight CMS that could easily be customised.

Kingdom Star: 2013-present

Kingdom Star is a webcomic that I create with Yee Morgan, she's a brilliant talented artist who not only wants to illustrate but also wants a key role in creating the comic; working with her has being brilliant. Kingdom Star itself was originally conceived of "What would happen if Warcraft met Judge Dredd?" From this silly notion we quickly created the universe of Kingdom Star.

Faulty Frame Squad: 2014-present

Faulty Frame Squad is my first successful mechinima, based on the video game Warframe. FFS is a series about three particular Warframes who aren't very capable at getting anything done; in fact they're the sort to make things go from bad to extremely bad.

Death on Arrival: 2006

Death on Arrival was Yee and I's first attempt at a webcomic. Death on Arrival was about the Grim Reaper being your average Joe employee how dislikes his job. Unfortunately DoA only lived for 5 pages before it came to a hasty end but hopefully it won't stay dead.

Fallen Red: 2012-2013

Fallen Red was one of my more recent comic ideas. The idea was how to make vampires biologically possible while still giving them certain abilities like improved strength. Unfortunately this idea fell flat on it's face quiet quickly due to poor planning and funding issues. In reflection of creating Fallen Red, it was found that it's design process was flawed and from evaluating it many things could be brought forward to make any future webcomic projects viable.

It's a WoW life: never started

This was my first attempt at a machinima, the premise was that of a few gamers online playing World of Warcraft as if they were actual characters in the lore... so roleplayers, however the series suffered massively from the get go. The script was all planned out but finding anyone dedicated to the cause was difficult as it was always seen as a Drew's project and never seen as an our project. People had very little commitment to producing any content and thus it died before the first episode was even made, but it did give me a lot of understanding of the production requirements for any future projects.