How To: Settings PHP


This is a simple tutorial explaining how to set up your website in whichever way you wish to use it. Nearly all static features of your MySite is governed by the file "settings.php". Without this file MySite will not load and instead just crash. So make sure you don't rename it for any reason.

To edit your settings.php file you can use notepad (Windows), edit (Linux) or [mac equivilent]. Inside you'll see a large number of lines which have "//" or "$" at the beginning. "//" is a comment, these are used by programmers to explain something in written terms for something that happens shortly afterwards in code. "$" is used to represent a variable and the value of the variable is what you'll be changing.

Database Connection:
The first few variables for your settings.php file are:

(note, this can also be known as the scheme)

now these are using to connect to your MySQL database (DB), which is where you keep all your information (number of pages, content on pages, etc...). So these must be filled in correctly. Most web hosts will host their DB on the same server as your PHP server so sometimes you can get away with:

$host = 'localhost';

If you don't know you're hosting details you may have to request assistance from your web host in order to find out how to connect.

CSS Connection:
The next variable in your settings.php is:


This variable is used to know what CSS file to reference from. These css files are stored in the directory (sometimes called folders) "/CSS/", so if you make a new custom css file for your site to run you will need to make sure it is in this directory.

MySite works through the use of setting up categories in your site and uses these for advertising. Every MySite is required to have at least 3 categories and they're stored like such:

$Categories = array("Art", "Webcomics", "Commissions");

Now even though as an administrator of MySite you can change these at any time the server at Wolframite Reign will only update your listed categories with a one week grace period afterwards. Meaning if you set your categories on initial launch and you view your website, you won't be able to change your categories till a week later.

User Accounts:
There are various different variables in this section of the tutorial, first we shall discuss the display variables.


These variables are boolean variables meaning they have only two states, true or false. These variables determine if the login links (towards the top right of your page) are available to see. If you set either of these to false this doesn't mean you can't not login or register, it just means the option to are hidden from public eye.



This is also a boolean variable and is used to state whether or not users will have their avatars shown when they make a post.


As stated before, just because $ShowRegister is false it doesn't mean people can't register to your site.


This variable (boolean) is what is used to determine if a person can or cannot register to a website. If it is set to false people are prevented to register. This is however can be bypassed in only one instance. People can be invited to register and in doing so a temporary key is issued to them via email. This key will expire in 1 day.


The last variable (boolean) to do with this section is:


The name is pretty self explanatory but it states that if a person wishes to view the site they have to login or register. Without doing either they're unable to see any of the content on the site, including the menu.

Site Credentials

The way MySite is built it allows many different websites to run off the same database. In order to distinguish which website has what there are:


These two fields are used to identify different elements of each MySite table and which element belongs to your website. Additionally $SiteName is used as the title of the website. If during your use of MySite you change your credentials you'll loose your site's contents as the name's will no longer match up.



Is used to identify your website through emails and other systems. This to help prevent any emails your MySite may send from being lost. Please make sure you enter the correct URL otherwise things will go wrong.


At the bottom of every MySite it states who the copyright benefactor is. This is completed by filling your name in the variable: